Based in Los Angeles, our experienced creatives are the team behind some of today's most popular brands and productions. Whether you're just getting started in video, looking to increase your company exposure, re-align your brand message, or create your next TV series, we can help.

  • We Get To Know
    You and Your Customer

    When working with a new client it's imperative that we get to know you and your customer. What message and story are you trying to convey, what mediums will be most effective, and how will your customer respond.

  • Quality

    With attention spans getting shorter and shorter your video must meet its objective quickly, tastefully, and in a manner that evokes the desired emotion in your audience. Regardless of your brand and industry our team has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve these results, and we will work with you closely to do so with high quality footage.

  • Marketing

    Video is an effective method in conveying who you are as a brand, however, your videos still need to fit into your overall marketing strategy. Our team not only can make sure your videos voice your message correctly, but we can help create an effective overall marketing strategy that produces results in the long run.

  • Video

    Each social media platform and video medium has a different audience and feel, therefore, your videos must also be different. Our creatives are well aware of this fact and will ensure that your content is unique and full of impact.

  • Distribution

    With the help of our partners in Hollywood, influencers and leaders we're fortunate enough to call friends, and our team of online search and marketing professionals, getting your message out to your audience is quick and effective.

  • Types Of Video Services We Offer

    • Social Network Videos & "Stories"
    • Online Commercial
    • Broadcast Commercial
    • Promotional Videos
    • TV Production, Documentaries & Film



Our sales and marketing force is a group of highly experienced professionals providing high-quality digital solutions and innovative promotional product strategies to not only our various companies, but our various partners. From the initial theoretical phase, to the final product launch and point of sale, we provide our valued clients state-of-the-art digital services with an overall marketing package which befits, and benefits, their business goals effectively. Our clients deserve nothing less than exceptional, and that is exactly what you receive.

  • Social Media Management & Content Creation

    Reaching your target audience is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy and social media continues to be a powerful tool in connecting with customers. However, both large and small companies struggle in this area and the effects are far greater than most realize. Let us help. Our team will conduct an initial social audit where we dial into your campaigns then design a more effective strategy. In addition, our content curators will put together fresh content securing your positive online presence.

  • Brand Development

    Your story, vision, and success are our priority and as your marketing advisor we work closely with you to help share your message with the world. Our specialists make the process simple and smooth so your revamped brand is ready for market quickly.

  • Influencer Marketing

    With an entire team dedicated to our Influencer Production Program, we have built long-standing and productive relationships with influencers that would love to help promote your products and services. As our client, you will benefit from our large network of influencers ensuring positive exposure for your businesses and brands.

  • Advertising

    When done correctly, an effective method for driving quick sales is through paid advertising. With over 16 years of running successful advertising campaigns we can help you design an effective strategy that increase sales and reduces cost. Whether you're looking to advertise through tv, print or online, contact us today.

  • Lead Generation & Sales

    Advertising and marketing help convert traffic into leads, and ultimately into sales. However, not all leads are equal, and not all leads are obtained in the most cost effective manner. Our team of professionals understand this very well, and we know the correct approach to help you gain loyal customers and keep their business.



As an influencer you need to monetize your social media platforms and overall following. And let’s be honest, you want to do what’s best for you and your followers but sometimes the need to generate income may put you in a difficult situation. We understand the ups and downs of being an influencer, and now you have the support of our Influencer Production Team (IPT) who can help you branch out onto your own.

When you work with IPT we listen to what you are looking to achieve personally and professionally, and what is the most effective method in reaching your goals. Once establishing your goals, we help streamline the entire process getting your product or service up and running quickly. Everything from website/software development and marketing, to manufacturing and distribution.

We know that you have something to offer the world, and we want to help make that happen.



    You want your products shipped in a cost effective and timely manner, and your customers can't wait until they can get their hands on them. With our shipping services operating both domestically and internationally, we can assure you and your customers are satisfied.

    • Ocean Freight Services

      • Full Service Dray
      • Freight Management Services
      • Full-Container Load (FCL)
      • Less-Than Truckload (LTL)
      • Intermodal Solutions

    • Ground Services

      • 48 states OTR “Over the Road” Trucking
      • Less Than Truckload (LTL): Throughout All 48 States
      • Full Truckload (FTL): Throughout All 48 States
      • Expedited Team Service

    • Intermodal

      • Service at Major US Ports
      • Drayage at Most USS Rail Yards
      • Contract Logistics Available: Savings of Over 20% Annually

    • Air Freight

      • Same Day Air Freight/Next Flight Out: The fastest way to ship by air.
      • 2nd Day Air: For shipments that are still time sensitive, this option balances speed and cost.
      • Deferred Air Freight: The most cost-effective air freight service.
      • Air Charter: Designed for high priority shipments, this service provides dedicated air freight transportation.

    • Warehousing

      • Warehouse Services
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Cross-Docking

    • Customs Services

      • Domestic & International Logistics Customs Services
      • Tariff services



    Shenzhen. Los Angeles. Sao Paulo. London. You have great ideas that need to be put into production and wherever you are in the world we can help. With some of the newest machinery available and a team of eager designers ready to work with you, we make designing and producing your materials easy, affordable, and befitting of your brand.

    • What We Manufacture

      • Apparel & Accessories
      • Promotional Products
      • Art
      • Personalized Packaging
      • Plastic, Rubber & Metal Products

    • How Our Team Can Help

      • Design
      • Patents
      • Marketing
      • Warehousing
      • Shipping



    Since 2001 we have been at the forefront of new technologies and today we continue to bring cutting edge services and products to our clients and partners. Our research and development team is comprised of highly skilled developers and designers who work diligently to not just meet industry standards, but surpass them. As the future of technology pushes forward, we aim to keep you and your business pushing forward along with it.

    • Website Design & Development

      We create and build innovative websites that suit specific industries and act as more than just an online space for customers to explore. When designing your website our goal is to build a unique website that helps convert your increased traffic to sales.

    • App Development

      Have an idea for an app, but not sure where to start or what steps to take next? Our team can help by designing apps with your vision in mind. We develop games, social apps, and apps to enhance business platforms.

    • Custom Software

      One size fits all isn’t always the best technique, especially when it comes to your software needs. Our company builds creative, customized software to fit your needs and help your business maintain success. With everything from employee onboarding to point of sale solutions, we are here to help take your business to the next level.

    • We Also Offer:

      • Cyber Security Solutions
      • Precision Machining
      • Robotics
      • Tooling

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