IT Security Specialist

IT Security Specialist

$55,000- $72,000

Job Description

The IT Security Specialist position is to assist in safeguarding all areas of our Information Technology landscape. This includes IT Infrastructure, Data, Networks, System Assets, and all areas of Cyber Security. In this position, you will work with team members on designing a solid security architecture on new and existing projects, identifying potential security issues, and implementing the best security solutions.


-Technical knowledge of Firewall Administration.
-Technical knowledge of Network Firewalls.
-Technical knowledge of Information Security Policies.
-Technical knowledge of Risk Based and Profile based authentication.
-Technical knowledge of System Administration.
-Technical knowledge of Network Security.
-4-7 years of Security experience with Oracle and SQL based platforms.
-4-7 years of experience in building security and enterprise architectures.
-Experience working with SSL VPN’s.

Formal Education & Certifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in the field of computer science or Network engineering